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Saba-fp is a special, natural product that contains a concentrated fish peptide obtained from mackerel.

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MGN-3 arrabinoxylan compound is sold in Europe under brand names BioBran, BiBran and ImunoBran.

Bi.Bran BioBran ImnunoBran

Saba-fp is a special, natural product that contains a concentrated fish peptide obtained from mackerel.

Peptides are naturally occurring compounds composed of two or more amino acids. They perform a wide range of functions in the body. Fish peptides appear to have essential role in the survival of fish. Fish peptides also have important roles in human physiology for blood circulation, appetite control and cell differentiation.

Some research studies suggest that the peptide fraction separated from the fish may have cancer preventive effects through the induction of apoptosis in cancer cells.

Synergic effect of Saba-fp & Biobran

The relationship between cancer and inflammation due to chronic infection has been studied for many years. In response to chronic infection, the interplay between various cells leads to genetic transformation of cells, which gives rise to malignant cells. The process results in increased tumor growth and suppression of apoptosis.

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