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PetImune has been developed as a natural glyconutritional supplement to support your pet’s optimal health by boosting the immune system. PetImune contains BioBran – a unique, patented MGN-3 Arabinoxylan Compound

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MGN-3 arrabinoxylan compound is sold in Europe under brand names BioBran, BiBran and ImunoBran.

Bi.Bran BioBran ImnunoBran

PetImune contains BioBran – patented Arabinoxylan Compound, which has been successfully used for years to improve depleted immune system in humans. It is produced from rice bran that is enzymatically broken down into small molecules for optimum absorption.

PetImune boosts the immune system by increasing the activity of the lymphocytes – B cells, T cells and especially NK (natural killer) cells. B cells produce antibodies, whilst T and NK cells destroy virally bacterially infected cells, and cells that have turned cancerous. A single NK cell in optimum condition can kill as many as 27 cancer cells in its lifetime.

Main Benefits of PetImune Biobran

tickEasily Absorbed - PetImune is very easily absorbed into the body through the normal processes of absorption in the intestines.

tick Fast Acting - PetImune’s immune enhancing effects kick in in just a few days, and it takes only a few days for immunomodulation to be effective.

tick  Non-Hyporesponsive - There is none of the effectiveness tail-off experienced with most other supplements and immunomodulators. This means that PetImune can be very effective long-term.

tick  Natural and GMO-Free - PetImune is a natural food supplement made from rice bran and the enzymes of the Shiitake mushroom. It is not a drug, a synthetic chemical or genetically modified

tick Non-Toxic - BioBran has been clinically shown to be completely non-toxic, even in extremely high doses (intake scaled down by body weight).

tick Backed by Research - Arabinoxylan compound from rice bran has been (and continues to be) the focus of scientific and clinical research, in Japan, the USA and Europe.

tick High Quality Manufacturing - PetImune is manufactured to the exacting standards in our Japanese factory.

PetImune - a dietary supplements for cats and dogs.
Net weight: 30g (1 g x 30 sachets)

Each packet contains: BioBran/MGN-3 250mg - active ingredient.

Suggested daily use: For optimal results, add 1 sachet per 5 kg of body weight daily and mix with your pet's food.

Storage: Avoid high temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight. Keep out of sight and reach of children.

Ingredients: Phyto-polysaccharide (BioBran), Dextrin/Microcrystalline Cellulose, Modified Starch, Tricalcium Phosphate.

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